Are Deaths Coming from South of the Border?

Even though cases are rising drastically in four states – Arizona, Texas, California and Florida – most of the uptick in cases is benign, unaccompanied by a concurrent increase in mortality. (I explained my theory of the rise in cases here.)

There’s a reason for the daily mortality count in these four states: In border states like Texas, Arizona and California there has been a large jump in the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico crossing the border with COVID-19.

In the Politics of Duh world, we say this makes sense. It fits with the statistics that are now being reported. Mexico is currently experiencing one of the biggest COVID-19 outbreaks in the world. Even though immigration is supposedly blocked from Mexico due to the virus, there is an important exception: If illegal immigrants come to this country in need of medical care, we do not turn them away. This is defined as an “essential crossing” and the Mexico-U.S. land border, while closed, is still open to “essential crossings.” According to a legal document published as a Notice on the U.S. Federal Register, one component that satisfies an “essential crossing” is if “individuals [are] traveling for medical purposes, (e.g. to receive medical treatment in the United States).”

Interesting, very interesting.

In June, The New York Times published an article detailing how hospitals in California are being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients who are coming across the border. If this happened in mid-June in California when cases were not as high as they are now then it’s logical to expect it’s happening in Texas and Arizona, also border states. In June, this article reported that hundreds of border agents were infected with COVID-19, which also fits into this narrative. Mexico is a Third World country with an infamously terrible healthcare system. Of course people would be incentivized to cross the border for better medical care in U.S. hospitals, especially if they know they won’t be forced back to Mexico due to the essential crossing exception.

Total mortalities by country, as reported on for July 9, 2020

And what about Florida? Well, let’s talk about Brazil. Like Mexico, Brazil is also in the midst of one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the world. So it would also be sensible to assume Brazilians are traveling to the United States (and specifically, to Miami) for its superior medical treatment. Most of the increase in deaths in Florida are in the Miami-Dade area, which is the primary destination for travelers from Brazil.

President Trump banned travel from Brazil to the U.S. on May 24, 2020. However, there were many exceptions and loopholes to the immigration law, which you can view here.

This rise in cases in the border states is being used by some politicians to justify keeping states closed down or even reverse re-opening guidelines. Dr. Fauci, who has been wrong about almost everything all pandemic long, told The Wall Street Journal today, “I think any state that is having a serious problem, that state should seriously look at shutting down.”

Despite what politicians and authorities say, the facts should help us understand that the rise in mortality is not due to the progression of the virus in the United States and instead is being caused by outside factors. How else can you explain the fact that the rises are only occurring in certain pockets? Why don’t we see a similar rise in Georgia, which famously opened the earliest of all the U.S. states?

There’s absolutely no breakdown of mortality in those four states by nationality, (it would probably be illegal to disclose that information or even frowned upon to even investigate it); we’re left with using our deductive reasoning skills to figure out why, at the exact time Mexico and Brazil are surging, we’re seeing subsequent case numbers rise in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. I don’t believe this is a coincidence, I believe it’s symptomatic of America’s status as a beacon of hope and the great, strong country we all know it to be.

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8 thoughts on “Are Deaths Coming from South of the Border?

  1. dave

    I live in Southwest Texas and know of no one who has caught Covid or died. I think you may be onto something. I think, in a case such as this, we should be told if this possibility is fact or not. I am just not seeing people get it, and yes, Texas does a whole lot of testing whether tests are accurate or not. I am 72 and have no fear of this flu.

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  2. KaweahKid

    Illegals coming in with Covid, and lockdowns at least demanded in the press if not reimposed by their fellow travelers in government…data points of a feather seem to flock together!

    —And never forget that it’s all about getting Trump out of the White House.

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  3. Rick Lagtag

    Americans need to wake up in a hurry, everything the fake media states is about Trump not the truth. If the democrats have there way millions of mexicans will be crossing that border and this virus will explode 10xs worse than it is now. There is no treatment over there.


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  5. para59r

    There’s been plenty of evidence that China Virus is coming in from Mexico but it’s all anecdotal because we have no systematic collection for that information. Part of the problem is with the sanctuary policy of towns, cities and states and likely hospitals themselves all of whom will not collect and report that kind of information. Another aspect in this reporting is that Mexico’s surge only began in Mid May to it’s peak at the end of June where the numbers continue to be high and because we were mostly finished with our surge little attention is being paid to Mexico.

    Concerning hospitalizations many who are coming over for treatment are ex pats, duel citizens and migrant workers who have a card to cross the border. All of these would of course be okay to treat here to include the migrant workers who may of well have contracted the virus here. Either way we can and are handling the numbers. Meanwhile its likely there is a Soros aspect to this where others are also coming here for treatment that shouldn’t be but we don’t know because we aren’t demanding answers to whose coming into our hospitals.

    You can also look at the crying about about hospital morgue space filling up. The only way that happens is if family’s are not picking up their dead for burial. That again sounds like a Mexico thing.

    Of the ones entering hospitals here many are said to be discharged rather quickly as their symptoms are not very serious. However a percentage of them have the comorbidities that require a longer stay and as time wears those numbers grow.

    The other obvious indicator that we are being peppered by people from Mexico is that this is happening primarily in Southern States where it has been safer to travel too. Many who could and have the means likely flew in for treatment at first. Now the cases are increasing right along the border. California experienced the first spike in hospitalizations coming directly from the border because the virus was mostly active on the west side of Mexico. Now its spreading to other locations as well and those that can because they have the right documents to travel and who need treatment are showing up.

    Meanwhile not identifying the problem serves progressives in that they can say COVID is being mismanaged. Meanwhile it serves the administration in that the economy stays open, while bringing attention that a percentage of the problem in the spike of numbers is coming from Mexico will drive a call to close the border which personally I would not argue for as the Virus while real is not a reason for panic and it does appear to be weakening if you look at death counts which are actually decreasing along with the way leftists have to cheat to get the numbers of infected up. That and the economic damage of shutting down for the most part is more damaging than the virus itself.

    While this story is one, you can do a search for US Mexico Border & COVID 19 for other stories.


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