New CDC Numbers Show Lockdown Was a Disaster

The CDC recently released the total death counts for the time period between March 8 and April 11, and despite what the mainstream media might say, the numbers actually prove the disastrous results of locking down our country.

As published in this report, there was an excess of 9,000 deaths from March 8 to April 11 in seven states that had been hard hit by the coronavirus, when compared with the same period the previous year. (The seven states are New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and Colorado.) Immediately, the usual suspects of shoddy journalism – namely The New York Times and Washington Post – jumped on these statistics to claim that COVID-19 deaths were under-reported and the pandemic hit the United States much harder than previously suspected.

Excess death statistics via The New York Times

To be fair, reporters did temper some of their statements. Here’s what The New York Times wrote about the figures:

“It’s difficult to know whether the differences between excess deaths and the official counts of coronavirus deaths reflect an undercounting of coronavirus deaths or a surge in deaths from other causes. It’s likely a mix of both.”

But why a mix of both? A cursory glance at the numbers might make the narrative appear this way but an actual investigative deep-dive into the statistics shows otherwise. The “under-reported” angle simply doesn’t hold water when the real evidence is thoroughly examined; in fact, the exact opposite is true.

Consider our strange method of codifying a COVID-19 death. According to guidelines, a medical professional can label the cause of death as COVID-19 if they simply “suspect” it was a result of COVID-19, without even testing for it. Stories run rampant over the past five or six months of accident victims or cancer patients or those with heart disease whose untimely deaths were classified with COVID-19 as the cause. This odd classification method doesn’t give credence to the idea that COVID-19 was under-reported but rather that it was most likely over-reported.

A much more logical hypothesis for these excess deaths, as reported in this new CDC update, were caused by the fact that hospitals were effectively shut down for admissions other than coronavirus during the lockdowns. This meant screenings for disease were discontinued and lifesaving operations such as heart bypasses, MRIs and biopsies were put on hold. Another point to make here is that people, fearful of contracting the virus, did not go in for their regular doctors appointments and most doctors’ offices were closed and they were not seeing patients, thus fatally exacerbating a health situation that could have otherwise been avoided.

No doubt when we consider the lives lost due to our locked down healthcare system and the fear of leaving our houses, even to seek necessary treatment, we start to see a reason for the excessive deaths in this time period. Add on to this the increase in domestic violence, drug overdoses and depression-related suicide, and you’ll get an even better sense why our country’s death counts were elevated during this time period.

Let’s also examine the case of Sweden, a nation that coincidentally also just released their mortality rate for the first seven months of 2020. Sweden did not have lockdowns. The country’s medical system and economy was fully functioning, so the excess in death counts during this period cannot be attributed to lockdown-related catastrophes like drug overdoses, spousal abuse, suicides or ignored medical treatments.

The average yearly death count in Sweden for the last five years has been about 91,500. For the first seven months of this year, approximately 59,000 people have died in Sweden, a number that includes all the COVID-19 deaths (6,000). Sweden has had basically zero deaths in the last few weeks and an extremely low number of new cases, so for the next five months the mortality rate should return to a rate similar to previous years. This means in the next five months approximately 38,000 Swedes are expected to die based on the average death rates of the five prior years, bringing their total 2020 death count to 98,000. If the 6,000 COVID-19 deaths are subtracted from this total, it almost exactly equals the yearly death toll for the past five years (92,000).

It should be noted it’s very possible COVID-19 arrived in Sweden in January or February, before adequate testing was available or officials even knew the virus existed. This would further elevate COVID-19 death total, though probably only by a slight amount.

So, in a country that did not lock down, we see numbers as expected. No excess, no increase above and beyond the number of reported COVID-19 deaths.

The new figures released by the CDC and interpreted by the completely biased media actually prove how terrible the decision was to lock down the United States. Rather than save lives, this draconian policy to quarantine the healthy destroyed lives. The Swedish example of a country that did not lock down obliterates any argument about the advantages attributed to locking down the United States. Most journalists have no concept of statistics or any basic ability to think logically. It makes no sense to use these statistics as proof that the overall mortality numbers are much higher than previous years for this time period because of COVID-19 under-reporting. Their argument doesn’t take into consideration the negative effects of lockdowns and the very true fact that COVID-19 deaths have been over-counted.

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