CDC Releases Shocking New Data and It Shows COVID-19 Lockdowns Were an Overreaction

The CDC recently released data analyzing the various co-morbidities connected with COVID-19 deaths.

Respiratory diseases, circulatory diseases, cancer and other diseases were shown by data tables to have been widely present in COVID-19 mortalities. In fact, there were 2.6 additional conditions present in 94% of COVID-19 mortalities. The data also broke down the fatalities due to these various illnesses by age. Of the approximately 161,000 deaths only 6% were due solely to COVID-19 and not other underlying medical conditions. The data showed approximately 82% of the deaths were 65 and older.


This is truly a remarkable admission by the CDC. How in the world can lockdowns, masks and social distancing be justified by such remarkably low numbers of fatalities caused solely by COVID-19?

This large data release by the CDC had the 6% number buried between a huge amount of information and data as almost an afterthought. In a normal world this 6% number would have been front page news. The 6% figure was really a remarkable revelation because nowhere in the data tables or charts did the CDC authors have a line strictly for COVID-19-only mortalities. The 6% statement was in a footnote, and almost seemed like it was a data point they did not want to represent but somehow made it into the published report.

In the same report, the CDC showed 330 deaths under the age of 24. If you use the 6% number for COVID-19-only deaths and do some simple math (330 x 0.06), you can assume 18 deaths due to COVID-19 only occurred in those age 24 and under in the entire United States.

We already know that deaths among young people due to COVID-19 are extremely rare. It’s irrational to close or limit re-opening schools due to 18 (or possibly less) deaths nationwide. According to CDC numbers, almost all the deaths for those under age 24 were related to influenza and pneumonia or obesity. As pointed out in my earlier article about school re-openings, deaths in California and New York among young people are almost non-existent.

Another point of contention in the CDC report was the section about all the factors that contribute to a lag in reporting deaths due to COVID-19. Here are several of the major reasons listed as to why mortality numbers were reported with major delays:


So, as per the CDC’s own admissions, some of the current deaths evident in the charts occurred weeks ago and we should see a drop in deaths as the virus diminishes in late summer and early fall.

But despite the positive news, the actual news continues to advocate for keeping our country shut down. A second wave of fear-mongering has already solidified among left-leaning government officials, politicians and the media as possible lock downs are already being contemplated for November 2020, which will mark the beginning of the flu season.

With the spotlight on COVID-19, we can only imagine what the flu season will do to our economy. In previous years, the flu season came and went; no one spoke about it even though many thousands died and hospitals were packed with flu patients. This year you can bet that there will be massive testing in November and a major push to vaccinate people with an insufficiently tested vaccine.

Of course, the CDC with Dr. Fauci at its helm will recommend lockdowns, social distancing, masks and all the other nonsense. PCR testing will be widely used even though this test is highly suspect and picks up any coronavirus, including colds. It is also hyper-sensitive to old remnants of COVID-19; examples run rampant of those who had COVID-19 and tested positive for weeks, even though their symptoms were long gone. This will get the population worked up about another pandemic coming. Rather than protect the elderly — and especially those in nursing homes —  and people with serious illnesses, a one-size-fits-all lockdown will be instituted, especially if Joe Biden is elected President.

I truly hope if President Trump is reelected he will have learned his lesson and never again accept the advice of the CDC without consulting far less biased medical professionals, who will guide him with a rational response to future viral outbreaks.

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