Stats Show Spike in Deaths and Cases Come from Brazil and Mexico

It has now become apparent the spike in cases and certainly in deaths in the border states of Arizona, California and Texas closely parallel the rise in cases in Mexico. In addition, spikes in cases and deaths in Florida closely mimic the curves displayed for Brazil.

The Brazilian population in Florida counts more than 300,000, one of the largest Brazilian communities in the United States. And if you think the travel ban prevents Brazilians from entering the U.S., this document details the many exceptions to the rule.

Daily cases in Brazil via

It is generally accepted that it takes approximately five days to get infected with coronavirus and for those who tragically succumb to the illness, which is a tiny percentage of all cases, it takes anywhere from 10 to 18 days to die. The peak cases in Mexico occurred in late July (at this point people may have had it for more than 10 days) and the peak of deaths in the U.S. border states of Arizona, California and Texas occurred in early August.

Daily cases in Mexico via

Undoubtedly, there are delays in reporting due to slow data collection in Brazil and Mexico. In the United States, there are also delays in reporting cases and deaths.

People who cross the border or fly in from Brazil seeking medical attention are most likely already ill and desperate to receive premium U.S. healthcare at our fine hospitals.

When the cases were at a peak in Brazil and Mexico, you can assume those infected had been sick for at least several days or more than a week. If you get tested in Brazil or Mexico and the result is positive, it’s very likely you’ve had COVID-19 for a while. The chances that the very day you get tested align with the exact day you contract the virus are slim.

Now back to the numbers … the peaks of cases in Brazil and Mexico occurred the third week of July, and the peak deaths occurred in early August in Arizona, California and Texas. The curves in these states precisely mirror the curves in Brazil and Mexico, accounting for the lag between cases and deaths. This is not a coincidence, my friends. This is a very real example of The Politics of Duh.

Some people will say the rise in cases and deaths in these border states is due to the fact these states presumably opened up early – in late April and early May. But this isn’t true. Following the trajectory of infection and subsequent deaths, the rise would’ve appeared much sooner than the end of July.

Panic is unwarranted. Recently, cases have started dropping in both Brazil and Mexico, and because the situation is so closely tied to our border states, we’ve also seen significant drops in cases and deaths throughout Arizona, California, Florida and Texas as well.

There is an excellent short book by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson in which he explains in great detail why lockdowns are ineffective against preventing the spread of COVID-19. Mr. Berenson provides well-researched scientific reasons based on data but he leaves out the 800-pound gorilla in the room: the politics of the coronavirus.

In January 2020, the unemployment rate stood at its lowest number in more than half a century. It would’ve been an extremely difficult feat to win an election against the President who created such a historically strong economy; there’s simply no arguing with numbers.

Let’s admit it, most people are concerned about the economy over almost anything else. Remember that wonderful saying, “It’s the economy stupid” coined in 1992 by Democratic Strategist James Carville? Well, it really is. Or it really was because coronavirus was able to infect and sicken one of the healthiest U.S. economies in our nation’s history.

There’s no doubt ill-advised lockdowns destroyed the economy and created unprecedented levels of unemployment, driving national discontent to soaring heights. This new concern about rising cases and a small amount of rising deaths in border states is another attempt to keep the economy locked down until the elections. There are basically four things Democratic governors can do to defeat Donald Trump in November:

  1. Keep the economy locked down to depress GDP numbers, making unemployment numbers artificially high in their states.
  2. Block schools from re-opening in September, which would inhibit parents from easily working, whether it’s at home or in the office.
  3. Create a situation where unemployment benefits are higher than the salaries of many who lost their jobs thereby providing no incentive for these unemployed workers to return to work.
  4. Encourage mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus, which can be replete with voter fraud and thus fraudulently can swing the election in the Democrats’ favor.

So far the governors of Arizona, Florida and Texas have resisted locking down their states again although California Governor Gavin Newsom has locked down most of his state. Governor Newsom’s actions to successfully shut down businesses once again, thwarting any growth from the semi-recovering economy, is just one more way Democratic politicians are using coronavirus as an effective strategy to defeat President Trump in November.

In his book, Mr. Berenson avoided any discussion about the politics of the coronavirus, which I understand, (keep to the facts) but in this particular situation, a no-politics treatise on the topic of COVID-19 is like corona without the virus – it misses the point. If anything has been proven by this entire coronavirus fiasco, it’s that in the real world, no matter how many times you present the scientific evidence, politics trumps science every time.

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Explosive New COVID-19 Stats from Orange County Destroy Gov. Newsom’s Newest Shutdowns

New numbers from Orange County completely destroy the COVID-19 myths perpetuated by politicians like California Governor Gavin Newsom, who used COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations as justification to rollback on re-opening the Golden State’s economy.

The recently released statistics for Orange County – published by the Orange County Register – show the mortality rate broken down by age. There are approximately 26,000 cases and 433 deaths as of July 14. Almost 80% of the deaths were people who were 65 years and older. Approximately 50% of these deaths were in nursing homes. In the 18 to 24 year old demographic, the deaths were less than 1% and amazingly, in people below age 17, there were zero deaths. With these kind of figures, how in the world can you justify closing down schools in September when zero deaths occurred below the age of 17? You can’t.

And if it’s happening in Orange County, an area with a population of more than 3 million people, it’s reasonable to extrapolate the data and say it’s happening in other counties Gov. Newsom shut down, too. Statistics are not that easy to be broken down in places like L.A., so for now, this is what we have to go on. It makes sense Gov. Newsom would ignore these statistics because they don’t fit his narrative of COVID-19 getting worse and the necessity to completely shut down California.

Image via OC Registeer

Between the ages of 18 and 24, there was a less than 1% mortality rate, and the number may be lower when you factor in co-morbidities, which we know from past studies is a large factor in COVID-19 deaths. Even at 1%, many colleges will be closed down or forced to do virtual learning.

It’s also amazing to look at the mortality rate broken down by ethnicity; almost 50% of the deaths in Orange County were among Hispanics, which lends credence to my previous article explaining that many of the deaths in California are a result of the extremely high COVID-19 numbers happening in Mexico right now. It’s not difficult to come across the border because of dual citizenship, (an exception to the current COVID-19-induced immigration ban), visas to work in the agricultural fields, or simply to cross illegally for medical treatment, which is also an exception to the immigration ban. The border isn’t locked down.

Interestingly, according to the data most of the outbreaks in Orange County occurred in Santa Ana or the Richmond area. Caucasians make up 65% of the population in Orange County and yet they account for only 25% of the deaths in the region and also are just 25% of the new Orange County cases.

These newly released numbers make it obvious that Gov. Newsom’s order to close down Orange County is not based on any scientific or statistical analysis. In fact, the numbers also prove schools should reopen in September as the virus does not affect young people. This political game must end. These numbers show we can win back our once-strong economy because the threat of COVID-19 is nothing more than a way for politicians to wield power.

And for those arguing that California is approaching New York’s COVID-19 numbers, a reminder: The mortality rate in New York City per million is about 3,000. In Orange County, even with the latest numbers, it’s approximately 130. It’s crazy to think that Orange County numbers even approach NYC. Is the reaction in California based on fear or is it just politics? If we follow the Politics of Duh, we open.

UPDATED: Is COVID-19 also a Mental Disorder? (Because California Has Gone Insane)

We are now approximately four months into the shut downs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the mortality rate a small fraction of what it was at the virus’ peak in April, you’d expect our societal fear to diminish but things do not seem to be getting much better. If anything, there is more paranoia and misinformation concerning this virus than ever.

As I mentioned in a previous post, they want to keep schools shut down. All forms of live entertainment and sports are basically non-existent right now. You would think with four months of available statistics and far more knowledge about this disease than we had in March, people would be realizing the worst is over; the “pandemic” was never as bad as so-called medical authorities like the Imperial College of London and the CDC predicted.

Like the title of the article suggests, COVID-19 is no longer a virus but a complete mental disorder and mindset of fear; the reaction to COVID-19 has become synonymous with totally irrational and crazy thinking in light of the real statistics and science. Maybe there should be a special medical billing code to also classify fear of COVID-19 as a mental disorder.

When the crisis began, there were estimates of more than 2 million deaths due to COVID-19 in the United States alone – at this point we are well below 150,000. Even with our present mortality total, there are major questions about the validity of a COVID-19 diagnosis because any time COVID-19 is suspected even without testing it is put down as a COVID-19 death. The number also does not factor in co-morbidities; even if a person dies from cancer and they test positive for COVID-19, the death is considered a COVID-19 mortality and added to the total figure. In addition, up to half of the deaths occurred among nursing home facility residents. Those below the age of 50 make up a small percentage of the overall deaths.

To narrow our view on this issue, let’s focus on one state for now: California. In the Golden State there is almost mass hysteria about the new outbreaks of cases and small spikes in the mortality rate. As discussed in my previous article, because COVID-19 is peaking right now in Mexico, many may be coming across the border for medical attention in California, which would explain the increase in cases. The number of deaths in California is constantly drilled into the heads of residents as though it is the worst thing that has ever happened. Just the deaths from homicides and drug overdoses is equal to the amount of people who died of COVID-19 in California.

On June 13, California Governor Gavin Newsom, rolled back re-opening and declared a “modification mode” on his original stay at home order. The Governor announced a complete shutdown of fitness centers, places of worship, offices for non-critical sectors, personal care services, hair salons and barbershops and malls. His justification for back-tracking on re-opening was that cases are risings and hospitalizations are up. However, I’m not sure what numbers he’s looking at but he’s not examining the most important figure: the total daily mortality rate, which is still low and has actually gone down, on average, in the last few days. Yesterday, it was 24, today it was 45, according to

The case numbers that Gov. Newsom is using to justify another shutdown don’t mean much. (That was already explained thoroughly in this article.) In a state of 40 million people, even the total death rate is small and doesn’t justify completely destroying an economy. Finally, a strong argument can be made that this so-called “surge” in case numbers is simply the virus taking its final course. We’ve never before studied a virus at this level of detail, (when was the last time millions of Americans got tested for a virus over a short period of time?) It could very well be that the virus is no longer as potent as it once was, it’s simply moving through the population as viruses do but we’re hyper-aware of its trajectory because of the media spotlight put on COVID-19 and the daily reportage of case numbers and deaths.

Plus, COVID-19, despite what the media might say, is not actually the only way to die. If we add other causes of deaths such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, accidents and suicides, this number is many times larger. The truth is, there are so many ways people can die that if we just thought about this all day we would never leave our homes and would hide under our beds and cower in fear.

Every day, the media blasts the number of daily deaths on our TV screens and mobile phones; it’s a top Apple news story almost every day. Yet we do not see statistics showing us how many people died in a given day from other diseases or accidents or  drug overdose. Day in and day out, it’s COVID deaths drumming more fear into our brains, telling us if we don’t wear a mask, if we don’t social distance religiously we’re going to die.

Forget the science even though scientific studies have shown masks don’t work, (one of the latest studies was actually done by the CDC). Social distancing, using the words of that all-knowing genius Dr. Fauci, has to be rigorously proven using a control group, and because it is completely untested, we can pretty much agree the concept is basically bogus. Remember Dr. Fauci saying claims that hydroxychloroquine is effective are ridiculous because it has to be tested with control groups. Well, shouldn’t his own logic be used on the unproven idea of social distancing before we force it upon the entire public as a means of virus-spread mitigation?

The point is this: When we are born into this earth we always face the possibility of death but it cannot deter us from living life. Our species has conquered many horrible threats since the beginning of time and guess what? We survived. We are now in a new mindset of group-think brought on by the panic-mongering media and corrupt politicians using fear of the unknown to control us and to achieve greater power. It is not a coincidence that we are only four months away from the elections and the drums of fear are beating stronger than ever. If they can just keep the people down a little bit longer, then maybe they can influence their voting preferences and assume power.

It’s sad to see what has happened to our society, and to witness the collective mental breakdown of U.S. citizens who now live in absolute fear of being infected by other people so they stay far away from anyone and think that masks and lockdowns will protect them. Our economy is still basically shut down with many industries in utter ruin. It seems as though the media and corrupt politicians have won, creating the perfect situation to depress people. Take away their ability to prosper and you open the pathway to a major political change in this country.

Using science and statistics, the “pandemic” was a bad flu season but it was treated as though it was the end of civilization as we know it. The only country that seems to have benefited from this is China (where the disease was started or released from) and online companies such as Amazon that are seeing stock price go sky high. Fear can be paralyzing and totally demoralizing but we have to use our brains. We cannot be swayed by the irrational and cynical pressure around us. It’s time to just say enough is enough and return to some degree of normalcy. Life cannot be about the constant fear of death; let’s choose to focus on the joy of living.

Are Deaths Coming from South of the Border?

Even though cases are rising drastically in four states – Arizona, Texas, California and Florida – most of the uptick in cases is benign, unaccompanied by a concurrent increase in mortality. (I explained my theory of the rise in cases here.)

There’s a reason for the daily mortality count in these four states: In border states like Texas, Arizona and California there has been a large jump in the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico crossing the border with COVID-19.

In the Politics of Duh world, we say this makes sense. It fits with the statistics that are now being reported. Mexico is currently experiencing one of the biggest COVID-19 outbreaks in the world. Even though immigration is supposedly blocked from Mexico due to the virus, there is an important exception: If illegal immigrants come to this country in need of medical care, we do not turn them away. This is defined as an “essential crossing” and the Mexico-U.S. land border, while closed, is still open to “essential crossings.” According to a legal document published as a Notice on the U.S. Federal Register, one component that satisfies an “essential crossing” is if “individuals [are] traveling for medical purposes, (e.g. to receive medical treatment in the United States).”

Interesting, very interesting.

In June, The New York Times published an article detailing how hospitals in California are being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients who are coming across the border. If this happened in mid-June in California when cases were not as high as they are now then it’s logical to expect it’s happening in Texas and Arizona, also border states. In June, this article reported that hundreds of border agents were infected with COVID-19, which also fits into this narrative. Mexico is a Third World country with an infamously terrible healthcare system. Of course people would be incentivized to cross the border for better medical care in U.S. hospitals, especially if they know they won’t be forced back to Mexico due to the essential crossing exception.

Total mortalities by country, as reported on for July 9, 2020

And what about Florida? Well, let’s talk about Brazil. Like Mexico, Brazil is also in the midst of one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the world. So it would also be sensible to assume Brazilians are traveling to the United States (and specifically, to Miami) for its superior medical treatment. Most of the increase in deaths in Florida are in the Miami-Dade area, which is the primary destination for travelers from Brazil.

President Trump banned travel from Brazil to the U.S. on May 24, 2020. However, there were many exceptions and loopholes to the immigration law, which you can view here.

This rise in cases in the border states is being used by some politicians to justify keeping states closed down or even reverse re-opening guidelines. Dr. Fauci, who has been wrong about almost everything all pandemic long, told The Wall Street Journal today, “I think any state that is having a serious problem, that state should seriously look at shutting down.”

Despite what politicians and authorities say, the facts should help us understand that the rise in mortality is not due to the progression of the virus in the United States and instead is being caused by outside factors. How else can you explain the fact that the rises are only occurring in certain pockets? Why don’t we see a similar rise in Georgia, which famously opened the earliest of all the U.S. states?

There’s absolutely no breakdown of mortality in those four states by nationality, (it would probably be illegal to disclose that information or even frowned upon to even investigate it); we’re left with using our deductive reasoning skills to figure out why, at the exact time Mexico and Brazil are surging, we’re seeing subsequent case numbers rise in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. I don’t believe this is a coincidence, I believe it’s symptomatic of America’s status as a beacon of hope and the great, strong country we all know it to be.

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United Surfers of America: SoCal Beach Towns Said ‘No’ to Waives on Freedom

Bottom line: Don’t mess with surfers.

About two weeks ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom sent a directive to Orange County City Councils to shut the beaches down. While Laguna Beach had been closed for weeks, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach were still open. But after the widespread circulation of one misleading photograph showing a crowded Newport Beach – shot admittedly by the O.C. Register photographer with a telephoto lens so subjects appeared closer – Gov. Newsom decided to force O.C. beaches to close.

Orange County has always been a thorn in the side of Gov. Newsom because of the region’s conservative and libertarian leanings. Prior to the April 30 announcement, it was widely speculated Gov. Newsom would shut down all beaches in the Golden State. When the official memo came, only Orange County beaches were to be closed, with the Governor citing “specific issues on some of those beaches [that] raised alarm bells.” 

I guess Gov. Gruesome felt COVID-19 only attacked beaches where conservatives swam.

At the time, the total COVID-19 death rate in Orange County was 22 per million. Contrast this number with New York City, where it’s approximately 2,338 per million and you’ll get some sense of regional scope.

It’s true, at least in Newport Beach, the residents were eager to enjoy the region’s abundant springtime sunshine and fresh air, and did not stay indoors. They were also hesitant to wear face masks, as soaking in salty, ocean air is quite refreshing on the lungs, and has vast known health benefits. The atmosphere in Newport Beach was as laid-back as you’d expect for a coastal California surf town, a far cry from the mask-enforcement, draconian measures enacted just 50 miles north in Los Angeles.

And on the subject of wearing a mask, does it really prevent the spread of virus anyway? It’s been well documented that viruses can spread through the eyes, ears and even the skin, so what does a mask really do?

In a revealing 2016 article for Oral Health Group, John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC, intellectually critiques the notion that face masks are “capable of providing an acceptable level of protection from airborne pathogens,” as is the widely held belief. Unlike new medicines, the practice of wearing a face mask has admittedly not been subject to the same strenuous investigation to determine actual efficacy. Most of the studies conducted have “limited clinical applicability as they cannot account for such human factors as compliance, coughing and talking,” said Dr. Hardie.

Traditionally, as Dr. Hardie notes, face masks were recommended to protect the mouth and nose from the “droplet” route of infection (greater than 5 microns), as they are of no use against airborne transmissions (less than 5 microns). These small particles, transmitted via air currents, can be dispersed over long distances and might even be inhaled by someone who had no contact with the original host.

Even these “droplets” upon emission “undergo evaporation producing a concentration of readily inhalable small particles surrounding the aerosol source,” according to Dr. Hardie. As he explained: “[The] efficacy [of face masks] must be re-examined in light of the fact that aerosols contain particles many times smaller than 5 microns.”

Not only did Dr. Hardie eloquently argue that these particles are too small for masks to protect but he also showed, through a study of dentists, how exposure to aerosol transmissible pathogens can strengthen the immune system.

The respiratory tract’s ability to thwart pathogens was evident, Dr. Hardie said, in a study of dentists, medical professionals who are readily exposed to pathogens as a result of their everyday work. The study found dentists had “significantly elevated levels of antibodies to influenza A and B and the respiratory syncytial virus. Thus, while dentists had greater than normal exposure to these aerosol transmissible pathogens, their potential to cause disease was resisted by respiratory immunologic responses.”

But back to Newport Beach, where a sunshine-loving, sometimes-mask-wearing population was told by Gov. Newsom they could no longer be on the beach, effectively criminalizing “surfers and families digging in the sand,” as Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill wrote on Instagram, adding, so there would be no confusion as to where he stood on the beach closures: “This is sick.”

Closing the beach was like declaring war on surfers, on sunshine, on the basic right to walk freely in the open air and salty breeze. Try as they might, the barriers blocking all entrances to the beach in Newport that were dutifully inspected each night by city workers would mysteriously disappear by morning. (“It was the wind,” one resident overheard a group of surfers explaining.)

The barriers became more elaborate each passing day, with more sandbags, more reinforced fencing, more zip ties to affix the fencing and still, they never lasted more than a few hours, especially as Mayor O’Neill and Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes announced they would not be enforcing this directive. (Even the city signs around the beach were laughably tongue in cheek: Beach temporarily closed by state order or Beaches closed by the governor.)

Within hours of Gov. Newsom’s directive, a walk on the beach became a chance to claim back newly stripped American freedom. Beachgoers sat with their umbrellas and American flags. Skywriters etched “Fire Gruesome Newsom! Open California!” into the heavens above. Huntington Beach citizens marched in peaceful protest along a main intersection of Pacific Coast Highway.

While much of the state and country seemed to mock this pushback over a simple beach closure, the defiance erupted over more than the right to stand by the sea. Orange County residents were standing up to defend the Constitution, which has lately taken a back seat to modern gubernatorial dictatorship, a new kind of power-wielding that strips Americans of the centuries-old rights this country was built to espouse, defend and protect.

Bolstered by overwhelming local support, Mayor O’Neill publicly disagreed with Gov. Newsom’s order and pointed out in a conversation with Tucker Carlson that Newport Beach hospitals were not overwhelmed – only 28 beds were being used. There was no wave of deaths that ever happened due to coronavirus in Newport Beach.

Huntington Beach, Dana Point and several local private businesses in Orange County requested a temporary restraining order against the directive in the Orange County Supreme Court. Newport Beach City Councilman Kevin Muldoon personally sued Gov. Newsom in federal court. The lawsuit stated: “Defendants have shown by their actions a willingness to ignore and to violate the fundamental civil rights of California residents.”

In both Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, police forces refused to arrest or ticket anyone in violation of the state directive.

“This is a war between the city and the governor, so we don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” one resident was told by a Newport Beach policeman after the cop politely asked him to step off the beach. (He did, returning to the sand as soon as the police vehicle departed.)

To enforce the order, Gov. Newsom sent ten California Highway Patrol (CHP) units to Orange County, which meant, of course, there were that many fewer officers patrolling the roads. With CHP busy on the beach, another group of rebels, the California car culture enthusiasts, turned the highways into their own version of the California Grand Prix, with average speeds approaching 100 mph on mostly deserted and no-longer-patrolled roadways.

Also during this time, Gov. Newsom released seven high-level sex offenders from prison. These convicted criminals roamed free while Newport Beach residents were punished for merely living by the ocean.

Finally, after six long days of mayhem, a cease-fire was reached: Orange County beaches could be open “for active recreational use only,” though Mayor O’Neill made it clear this model was not the preferred choice of the City Council.

If you follow the data, the beaches should absolutely be open, and never should’ve closed in the first place. Even after the so-called “crowded” beach day two weeks ago, there has been no surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations or deaths in Newport Beach. As of May 9, there are 105 known cases of COVID-19 in Newport Beach, which has a population of 80,000. When Gov. Newsom’s beach ban was put into place, known cases were at 89. No statistician would argue that 16 new cases can be defined as a surge, especially when this increase could just be the result of additional testing. Plus, “cases” does not mean sick; it’s possible these patients exhibited mild symptoms of the virus or, as with many COVID-19 cases, are asymptomatic.

The statistics do show that as of May 10, COVID-19 fatalities in Orange County, which has a population of more than 3 million, increased from 50 to approximately 70. It should be dubiously noted the 20 deaths recorded due to COVID-19 during this timespan did not require testing for the virus to be confirmed, so completely unrelated medical factors could have caused someone in Orange County to die but this untimely death would have still been recorded as a COVID-19 fatality.

What’s the moral of this sad story? As the new saying in Newport Beach goes: Newsom don’t surf.