George Floyd Protests Expose the Hypocrisy of COVID-19

If the recent mass protests in this country have shown us anything aside from the obvious fact that they honor the memory of George Floyd, they are also providing evidence that this unconstitutional and unscientific mass quarantine should end.

There have been mass protests all over the United States in the last thirteen days in cities like Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston and too many more to name. Not only are the protesters not observing social distancing but also many are not wearing face masks, which by the way according to the CDC are ineffective and cannot filter out viruses that measure .1 µm and less.

In case you haven’t seen the many images of protesters marching, here are a few from select cities across the U.S.:

Black Lives Matter Protest in NYC (unmasked)
Black Lives Matter Protest in Houston
Black Lives Matter Protest in Washington, D.C.
Black Lives Matter Protest in Chicago

Recently many healthcare professionals have stated the protests are not a danger and unlike the protest against the quarantine, are safe and will not spread COVID-19. Global health expert Jennifer Nuzzo tweeted: ‘We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus. In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.’ 

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In fact, more than 100 health professionals have signed a petition saying coronavirus should not be used as an excuse to not protest.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan-D), who arrested people protesting the lockdown and also arrested store owners who opened up during the quarantine, marched with BLM protesters and others obviously ignoring social distancing and again many not wearing masks. The same was true of other leaders who marched in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. If in the next week or two there is no spike in mortality rates, the entire issue should be put to rest and the country should be reopened without phases, just reopened period. (As I’ve written before, this policy would be the essence of the Politics of Duh.)

Of course, let’s remember even a large spike in the amount of cases does not necessarily mean that much; testing is now far more prevalent and it also includes people getting tested for antibodies, which is becoming more and more popular.

In many places across the world, citizens are starting to push back on COVID-19 limitations. In Italy, a group calling themselves ‘Orange Vests,’  led by retired Carabinieri general Antonio Pappalardo, refuses to wear masks. Pappalardo said: “These lungs are mine. I will take care of my lungs. Breathing is sacred.”

The Constitution does not only protect those who protest but it also protects citizens who have been deprived of their livelihood and subjected to ridiculous quarantining, prevented from expressing their religious freedom and thwarted from their ability to lead a happy, normal life.

Unmasking the Myths of COVID-19

We are living in a bad sci-fi movie, which plagiarizing from the famous Dr. Strangelove movie could be called: How I learned to stop worrying and love the coronavirus.

There is so much mis-information and downright lying concerning COVID-19 and it’s dangerously promulgated by a coordinated media and governmental effort. We have to remember that six giant corporations own 90% of the media (as recently reported by Business Insider) and thus, these six corporations own the information that is provided to more than 277 million Americans nationwide.

Let’s just go over a few of the blatant lies these six corporations regularly spew.

Media Myth No. 1: Wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Mask-wearing has been recommended by CDC and forced upon the general population via executive orders issued by all-too-willing tyrannical governors. Yet, where is the science behind the idea that by wearing a mask you’re at less risk to contract coronavirus or that you’re mitigating the risk of spreading the virus to others? The most recent studies show that mask wearing is ineffective in stopping viral transmission. Two studies, one referenced in our last post, completely demolish the rationale for walking around looking like bandits. In a lengthy and scientifically grounded article, the Oral Health Group challenges the efficacy of masks. Then, even more damning still, our very own CDC just published a public policy review article (it was months earlier published in print). The abstract overview clearly states its stance on mask-wearing:

Here, we review the evidence base on the effectiveness of nonpharmaceutical personal protective measures and environmental hygiene measures in nonhealthcare settings and discuss their potential inclusion in pandemic plans. Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.

Jingyi Xiao1, Eunice Y. C. Shiu1, Huizhi Gao, Jessica Y. Wong, Min W. Fong, Sukhyun Ryu, and Benjamin J. Cowling, Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures, CDC Policy Review, Volume 26, Number 5—May 2020

This study, again for emphasis, recently published by the CDC, is devastating to Dr. Fauci’s advice on using masks. How laughable that after touting the efficacy of mask-wearing since March, it’s Dr. Fauci’s own organization – the CDC – that debunks the entire “ masks will protect you myth.”

The truth about the inefficacy of masks is especially provocative in the large cities, like NYC, where it’s heresy to go against the accepted dogma that mask wearing is for the common good. If you don’t wear a mask in Manhattan, you’re basically akin to being a murderer. (In a surprising turn of policy, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced Friday that New York City police will no longer be enforcing mask-wearing by the public unless there is a “serious danger.”)

Masks have simply become a symbol of capitulation to big brother and a sign that most people will do anything the government tells them no matter how ridiculous. If we were back in the times of the Salem witch hunt, non-compliant people would certainly be burned at the stake. Forget the scientific evidence, this is for our good. Don’t be a non-believer!

Media Myth No. 2: The statistics and facts show COVID-19 is still surging.

Ah, “surging.” The newly in vogue term used to describe the state of coronavirus … well, everywhere. But even a quick glance at the numbers will prove no such surge. The use of statistics and non-existent facts by governmental sources and especially by mostly ignorant journalists to prove their coronavirus narrative is astounding. I could almost forgive journalists because they have no formal training in either science, mathematics or basic statistical analysis, so what can we really expect?

But it’s not all ignorance when it comes to journalists. Many times, it’s political agenda. Journalists are constantly quoting the rising amount of cases, knowing full well this is strictly a factor of how many people are being tested. Test more people, get more cases.

A far better statistic to use than cases is the mortality rate per million because we know the population and we also know how many people died. However this figure must be interpreted with the understanding that many people died with COVID-19 and not as a result of COVID-19. So, even the mortality rate will always be exaggerated. But we can still use it to compare the state of coronavirus in different areas and countries because it’s the best number we have. At least it’s apples to apples instead of scare tactics to surreptitious statistics.

Looking at the current Worldometer results, a few things become apparent: Countries that chose to quarantine and lock down fared no better and in many instances, were far worse off, than countries that chose to remain open like Brazil and Sweden. In fact, one of the most locked-down countries in the world, Belgium, has the highest mortality rate in the world at 773 per million.

And on the other end of the spectrum, Sweden is doing equal to or better when compared with Western European countries that are locked down. Plus, Sweden’s economy is not destroyed.

These numbers make evident that COVID-19 is really not affecting countries, (or entire continents for that matter) like Africa or South America where temperatures are higher and there is abundant UV light.

Generally, when the media wishes to create panic they always cite the increase in cases. But the increase in cases is overwhelmingly due to increased testing. When the pandemic first began, officials were basing their statements on theoretical models. We now have facts available to us and real data we can arm ourselves with to lessen risk while returning society back to normal … or whatever’s left of society at this economically-ravaged point in the world’s history.

When the CDC, the WHO, the Imperial College of London and the IHME made their wildly outlandish predictions of mortality rates, there were very few statistics available. Concepts such as quarantining the healthy, social distancing of six feet, wearing those now-proven-ineffective masks and shutting down economies had no scientific basis and were just pulled out of thin, virus-laden air. They’re certainly less grounded in science today, when the real figures can prove otherwise. These are not false statistics devised by a nutty professor in an ivory tower above the streets of London. These are the numbers. These are the reported facts.

Media Myth No. 3: Quarantining the healthy is a good idea.

Where did the theory of quarantining the healthy come from? It has certainly never been tested against a control group as Dr. Fauci always rants about when discussing medical treatments to combat COVID-19. In actuality, recent data points to the opposite; a government study in Spain showed that people who stayed at home died at a far greater rate than people who were out working. 

So not only are these media “myths” completely false, but they are also incredibly dangerous. And that, my good Politics of Duh friends, is the absolute truth.

United Surfers of America: SoCal Beach Towns Said ‘No’ to Waives on Freedom

Bottom line: Don’t mess with surfers.

About two weeks ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom sent a directive to Orange County City Councils to shut the beaches down. While Laguna Beach had been closed for weeks, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach were still open. But after the widespread circulation of one misleading photograph showing a crowded Newport Beach – shot admittedly by the O.C. Register photographer with a telephoto lens so subjects appeared closer – Gov. Newsom decided to force O.C. beaches to close.

Orange County has always been a thorn in the side of Gov. Newsom because of the region’s conservative and libertarian leanings. Prior to the April 30 announcement, it was widely speculated Gov. Newsom would shut down all beaches in the Golden State. When the official memo came, only Orange County beaches were to be closed, with the Governor citing “specific issues on some of those beaches [that] raised alarm bells.” 

I guess Gov. Gruesome felt COVID-19 only attacked beaches where conservatives swam.

At the time, the total COVID-19 death rate in Orange County was 22 per million. Contrast this number with New York City, where it’s approximately 2,338 per million and you’ll get some sense of regional scope.

It’s true, at least in Newport Beach, the residents were eager to enjoy the region’s abundant springtime sunshine and fresh air, and did not stay indoors. They were also hesitant to wear face masks, as soaking in salty, ocean air is quite refreshing on the lungs, and has vast known health benefits. The atmosphere in Newport Beach was as laid-back as you’d expect for a coastal California surf town, a far cry from the mask-enforcement, draconian measures enacted just 50 miles north in Los Angeles.

And on the subject of wearing a mask, does it really prevent the spread of virus anyway? It’s been well documented that viruses can spread through the eyes, ears and even the skin, so what does a mask really do?

In a revealing 2016 article for Oral Health Group, John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC, intellectually critiques the notion that face masks are “capable of providing an acceptable level of protection from airborne pathogens,” as is the widely held belief. Unlike new medicines, the practice of wearing a face mask has admittedly not been subject to the same strenuous investigation to determine actual efficacy. Most of the studies conducted have “limited clinical applicability as they cannot account for such human factors as compliance, coughing and talking,” said Dr. Hardie.

Traditionally, as Dr. Hardie notes, face masks were recommended to protect the mouth and nose from the “droplet” route of infection (greater than 5 microns), as they are of no use against airborne transmissions (less than 5 microns). These small particles, transmitted via air currents, can be dispersed over long distances and might even be inhaled by someone who had no contact with the original host.

Even these “droplets” upon emission “undergo evaporation producing a concentration of readily inhalable small particles surrounding the aerosol source,” according to Dr. Hardie. As he explained: “[The] efficacy [of face masks] must be re-examined in light of the fact that aerosols contain particles many times smaller than 5 microns.”

Not only did Dr. Hardie eloquently argue that these particles are too small for masks to protect but he also showed, through a study of dentists, how exposure to aerosol transmissible pathogens can strengthen the immune system.

The respiratory tract’s ability to thwart pathogens was evident, Dr. Hardie said, in a study of dentists, medical professionals who are readily exposed to pathogens as a result of their everyday work. The study found dentists had “significantly elevated levels of antibodies to influenza A and B and the respiratory syncytial virus. Thus, while dentists had greater than normal exposure to these aerosol transmissible pathogens, their potential to cause disease was resisted by respiratory immunologic responses.”

But back to Newport Beach, where a sunshine-loving, sometimes-mask-wearing population was told by Gov. Newsom they could no longer be on the beach, effectively criminalizing “surfers and families digging in the sand,” as Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill wrote on Instagram, adding, so there would be no confusion as to where he stood on the beach closures: “This is sick.”

Closing the beach was like declaring war on surfers, on sunshine, on the basic right to walk freely in the open air and salty breeze. Try as they might, the barriers blocking all entrances to the beach in Newport that were dutifully inspected each night by city workers would mysteriously disappear by morning. (“It was the wind,” one resident overheard a group of surfers explaining.)

The barriers became more elaborate each passing day, with more sandbags, more reinforced fencing, more zip ties to affix the fencing and still, they never lasted more than a few hours, especially as Mayor O’Neill and Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes announced they would not be enforcing this directive. (Even the city signs around the beach were laughably tongue in cheek: Beach temporarily closed by state order or Beaches closed by the governor.)

Within hours of Gov. Newsom’s directive, a walk on the beach became a chance to claim back newly stripped American freedom. Beachgoers sat with their umbrellas and American flags. Skywriters etched “Fire Gruesome Newsom! Open California!” into the heavens above. Huntington Beach citizens marched in peaceful protest along a main intersection of Pacific Coast Highway.

While much of the state and country seemed to mock this pushback over a simple beach closure, the defiance erupted over more than the right to stand by the sea. Orange County residents were standing up to defend the Constitution, which has lately taken a back seat to modern gubernatorial dictatorship, a new kind of power-wielding that strips Americans of the centuries-old rights this country was built to espouse, defend and protect.

Bolstered by overwhelming local support, Mayor O’Neill publicly disagreed with Gov. Newsom’s order and pointed out in a conversation with Tucker Carlson that Newport Beach hospitals were not overwhelmed – only 28 beds were being used. There was no wave of deaths that ever happened due to coronavirus in Newport Beach.

Huntington Beach, Dana Point and several local private businesses in Orange County requested a temporary restraining order against the directive in the Orange County Supreme Court. Newport Beach City Councilman Kevin Muldoon personally sued Gov. Newsom in federal court. The lawsuit stated: “Defendants have shown by their actions a willingness to ignore and to violate the fundamental civil rights of California residents.”

In both Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, police forces refused to arrest or ticket anyone in violation of the state directive.

“This is a war between the city and the governor, so we don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” one resident was told by a Newport Beach policeman after the cop politely asked him to step off the beach. (He did, returning to the sand as soon as the police vehicle departed.)

To enforce the order, Gov. Newsom sent ten California Highway Patrol (CHP) units to Orange County, which meant, of course, there were that many fewer officers patrolling the roads. With CHP busy on the beach, another group of rebels, the California car culture enthusiasts, turned the highways into their own version of the California Grand Prix, with average speeds approaching 100 mph on mostly deserted and no-longer-patrolled roadways.

Also during this time, Gov. Newsom released seven high-level sex offenders from prison. These convicted criminals roamed free while Newport Beach residents were punished for merely living by the ocean.

Finally, after six long days of mayhem, a cease-fire was reached: Orange County beaches could be open “for active recreational use only,” though Mayor O’Neill made it clear this model was not the preferred choice of the City Council.

If you follow the data, the beaches should absolutely be open, and never should’ve closed in the first place. Even after the so-called “crowded” beach day two weeks ago, there has been no surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations or deaths in Newport Beach. As of May 9, there are 105 known cases of COVID-19 in Newport Beach, which has a population of 80,000. When Gov. Newsom’s beach ban was put into place, known cases were at 89. No statistician would argue that 16 new cases can be defined as a surge, especially when this increase could just be the result of additional testing. Plus, “cases” does not mean sick; it’s possible these patients exhibited mild symptoms of the virus or, as with many COVID-19 cases, are asymptomatic.

The statistics do show that as of May 10, COVID-19 fatalities in Orange County, which has a population of more than 3 million, increased from 50 to approximately 70. It should be dubiously noted the 20 deaths recorded due to COVID-19 during this timespan did not require testing for the virus to be confirmed, so completely unrelated medical factors could have caused someone in Orange County to die but this untimely death would have still been recorded as a COVID-19 fatality.

What’s the moral of this sad story? As the new saying in Newport Beach goes: Newsom don’t surf.

Irresponsible Journalism, Unreliable Facts

What do you do when the experts writing the news aren’t experts and can’t write?

In today’s Apple news alert, titled “More grim milestones for the U.S.,” bullet point No. 1 was pulled from an article in the Los Angeles Times: “More Americans have died from COVID-19 than in the Vietnam War … Meanwhile, confirmed cases in the U.S. topped 1 million.”

Yes, the news does seem grim, but it’s also the kind of duplicitous wordplay journalists have been engaged in all pandemic long. Let’s start with that first point, about the Vietnam War death toll compared with COVID-19 fatalities. According to the L.A. Times, NPR, CNN, MarketWatch, Mother Jones and a host of other click-hungry media outlets, 58,220 Americans died during the Vietnam War and as of today, the U.S. death toll has reached 58,365.

Strictly examining the numbers, the statement is true. However, here are other statements that can be made that are just as true and just as tragic:

  • So far in 2020, the number of cancer deaths in the U.S. is 606,520, or 10.4 times the amount of casualties during the Vietnam War. (Statistics via
  • CDC flu death estimates from Oct. 1 2019 to April 4, 2020 are between 24,000 and 62,000. If the latter number is correct, flu deaths during this period exceed casualties of the Vietnam War by 3,780 while casualties of COVID-19 exceed Vietnam War deaths by 145.
  • Heart disease deaths in California for the year 2018 (the last year the CDC reported statistics) exceed Vietnam War casualties by 4,327.

Contrasting lives lost during the Vietnam War to the COVID-19 death toll is effective as a narrative mechanism to understand scope, perhaps, but it’s also irresponsibly arbitrary. Why not use the Civil War as a barometer, when an estimated 215,000 lives were lost? By that morbid gauge, we are nowhere near the amount of deaths resulting from those terrible, bloody battles.

And what about the number provided – 58,365? Can we really trust in its validity? Shadowy doubt can be thrown at this figure, too, especially when new information has come to light about the classification of COVID-19 deaths.

In a video public health officials were suspiciously quick to dismiss, Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, Calif., examined data – “millions of cases, small amount of deaths” – during a press conference lasting exactly one hour and nine minutes. (A related note on the state of our free press: YouTube announced it removed the video, citing it as “flagged content that violate our Community Guidelines.” Also relatedly, Google owns YouTube and employees have anonymously yet publicly voiced concerns surrounding the company’s close ties to China, particularly as they relate to Google’s plan to launch a censored search engine for China.)

Anyway, over the span of those 69 minutes, the Drs. examined findings from their own testing and extrapolated the numbers over the state of California to arrive at a death rate of about 0.3%. They also examined death tolls from around the world, notably Sweden versus Norway, the former country exercising little to no social distancing or business shutdowns, the latter country collectively sheltering in place. From a statistical standpoint, the death rate differences in the two countries, with same climate and same way of life, were marginal.

Beyond the de-bunking of the CDC and WHO’s theoretical erroneousness, they also said even those deaths classified as COVID-19 come into question when you factor in co-morbidities, which any doctor would rightly do. With widespread cases (by Apple’s own alert, the number in the U.S. is beyond 1 million), it’s possible any patient with a life-threatening illness also had COVID-19, though the coronavirus did not ultimately contribute to their death. Plus, while the CDC allows doctors to classify COVID-19 deaths based on “suspicion” of the virus rather than on performing an actual test, it’s virtually impossible to separate flu cases from COVID-19 cases from cases that have nothing to do with either of those things.

Dr. Fauci and his crew of motley scientists have already proven their absolute ineptitude with deciphering predictive models, though they are experts at delivering foreboding false reports (200,000 deaths?). It’s not only likely but also probable Fauci and his “fact finders” are wrong about this death toll.

Finally, let’s talk about the 1 million cases number that Apple labeled as part of its “grim” news update, though really, it’s not so grim. Think about this figure in terms of simple math: To arrive at the death rate, we divide the number of deaths (numerator) by the total number of known cases (denominator). If the denominator is going up at a greater rate than the numerator, this lowers the overall death rate in the U.S. More known cases, less fatalities, lower and lower death rate.

Conspicuously missing from Apple’s news report? The number of domestic violence cases that has truly surged since stay at home orders and lockdowns were enacted – 31 million new reports, says CBS. The number of child abuse cases has also increased – the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, according to NPR, had a 22% rise in monthly calls from people younger than 18. Or what about the number of small businesses forced to shut down indefinitely? The number of newly unemployed workers nationwide? Furloughed Americans? Industries (like restaurants, bars, entertainment venues) that will take months or years to recover? The COVID-19 Information Center announced today the U.S. economy shrunk 4.8% in the first quarter, the biggest contraction since 2008.

No matter how you spin it, journalists’ penchant for warping half-truths and slathering dramatic adjectives onto lies is nothing new, but during a global pandemic the practice isn’t just thoughtless, it’s wrong. Maybe the new slogan of this coronavirus age can be applied to our media elite. A public health guideline for those reporters in the terrible business of truth-twisting: stop writing, stay home.


Let’s Talk about the UV Index and COVID-19

There’s a very interesting relationship between the UV index in a particular area and the mortality rate per million as it concerns COVID-19.

The CDC and NIH have not spoken about this as far as I know (or as far as an exhaustive internet search will tell me). When both organizations speak about their wildly inaccurate projections for this virus they only talk about mitigation efforts.

So far, there has been no real explanation as to why states like New York are seeing such different death rates from California, Florida and Texas. For more than a month, New York has practiced the most stringent mitigation efforts; in fact, once it was determined the virus could be transmitted by tiny droplets in the air, everyone was advised to wear a face mask. (Try entering a grocery store in Manhattan without one and you’ll realize how rigorously this measure has been followed.)

Did mandatory mask-wearing cause a drop in the virus’ progression? Who knows. What we do know is that New York remains at the epicenter of deaths resulting from COVID-19 in the United States.

As of today, New York has the highest mortality rate of 550 people per million, while California is at 20 deaths per million people. Similarly, Florida, which had a huge influx of Northerners – some presumably infected – stands at 28 deaths per million.

Elsewhere in the world, Singapore has a mortality rate of only two people per million, which is one of the lowest mortality rates worldwide. Now here’s where it gets interesting: In general, Singapore has a very high UV index but reached an extraordinary peak of 15 in February.

Brazil, as another example, kept its economy going. President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil resisted an economic shutdown and death rates for COVID-19 in Brazil’s largest cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo never approached New York City’s mortality level.

Now, excuse the bright and sunny colors for a decidedly sober subject but here’s a simple representation of UV Index from low to high, showing that 15, as Singapore clocked, is basically off the charts:

OK, back to our UV discussion. Many studies have shown that UV radiation at a certain level can indeed kill influenza-like viruses, of which the coronavirus would be contained within that category. The Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) published the findings of a study conducted several years ago that showed the effectiveness of UV in killing viruses, especially airborne viruses. In the report, titled Can UV Light Fight the Spread of Influenza?, researchers said, “continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues.”

Referencing the study, Dr. Michael Grosso, chief medical officer at Huntington Hospital in Huntington, N.Y., also told WebMD:

“The prospect of reducing the transmission of influenza and other respiratory viruses using far-UV radiation is very exciting.”

The CDC and thee NIH have enormous resources at their disposal. Between the two organizations, they boast more than 30,000 employees and 10,000+ CDC employees according to Forbes earn a collective $1.1 billion annually yet as far as I know, they never speak about or have further researched the relationship between the virus and Ultraviolet radiation. If their models took UV into consideration, maybe the curves would look completely different and be far more accurate. All they seem to care about is mitigation but mitigation as a predictive determinant of virus spread has proven time and time again to be unreliable.

Graphs showing the UV levels for various states during February and March are easy to find (and I’ll post a few below). With just a cursory glance, you can see there is a very, very obvious correlation between mortality rates and the level of UV radiation in various countries and states.

Invariably, the higher the UV index, the lower the mortality rate per million. Not only did the CDC mislead President Trump and caused the greatest economic shutdown in the world’s history but they also exhibited (and continue to exhibit) a level of incompetence that is simply mind-blowing.

If this relationship between UV levels and COVID-19 mortality holds up, it’s quite reasonable to think the virus will fade rapidly as the index goes up in May and June as summer approaches.

Perhaps the correlation was unintentionally overlooked or else deliberately overlooked but either way, it’s a crime.

Remember, the world relies on the WHO and the CDC and the Imperial College of London for most of the statistics provided during a pandemic. All three failed the world. But there is still an opportunity to right the wrongs. These facts should be taken into consideration as governments determine the states that should open with minimal risk to the general population. In addition, if this is true, the relationship should be used when creating future models of viral outbreaks to make sure they’re more accurate than the fake-news models we’ve been told to accept as truth. The only truth I see is in the cold, hard numbers, not in the rhetoric or in the irresponsibly tossed-around numbers – 200,000 deaths? UV index and its connection to viral spread is the very essence of the politics of duh.

Dr. Fauci

The Insidious Dr. Fauci

Yesterday on CNN, Dr. Fauci was saying that President Trump didn’t listen to him in mid-February about social distancing and had he listened, could’ve saved more lives. An interesting twist of ideas, an easy way out, whatever you want to call this latest line of “insights,” the facts don’t support the fiction.

Dr. Fauci is on tape February 29 saying there is nothing to worry about. When asked if Americans should change their habits – not go to the mall, avoid the gym – Dr. Fauci told reporters:

“No, right now at this moment there is no need to change anything that you’re doing on a day-by-day basis.”

– Dr. Anthony Fauci, Feb. 29, 2020 on

Watch the full interview here:

But this latest Fauci fabrication is just part of an entire ideology of subterfuge, diverting attention away from his own wrongdoings and false predictions.

Dr. Fauci, while quick to criticize Trump, is also just as quick to defend the World Heath Organization (WHO) when they totally accepted all of China’s bogus data and wildly misleading claims in January and February that there was no human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus or the statistics China offered that seemingly showed low infection rates and mortality rates compared with Western nations.

In addition, China claimed all cases abruptly ceased in March, almost like a magical on-off switch had been toggled and the coronavirus flew away, an insidious bat disappearing into the dark night. Again, not true. But according to Chinese authorities, the curve of the Chinese brand of this virus didn’t flatten; it just dropped off like the precipice of a steep cliff. This chart is the purported trajectory of the virus in China via

No flattening of the curve here, no gradual lessening. So, is the Chinese reporting of the COVID-19 cases true? Well, we can look elsewhere for corroboration. There is no comparable curve in any other affected country that even remotely looks like this strange graph.

But back to our “Trump could’ve saved more lives” hero in all this, Dr. Fauci, who is oddly quiet about the origin of the virus itself. Why isn’t he demanding a CDC team travel to Wuhan, China and investigate what actually happened there? He certainly can make demands of our own President.

Checking the virology lab in Wuhan, which at one point the National Institutes of Health (NIH) helped fund, is imperative. Dr. Fauci always defends the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) but the statistics that organization produced have been horribly wrong, even when factoring in mitigation and social distancing measures. Dr. Fauci was also originally quiet about the China travel ban but later, in hindsight, praised it. His vocal cords seemed to gain particular strength, however, when announcing the predicted death tolls in America. On March 29, he told CNN’s State of the Union, “I would say between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths” then revised that number to say “it could be more like 60,000” on April 9.

While we don’t know the reason behind the good doctor’s erratic and downright wrong predictions that led to a total and probably catastrophic economic shutdown, there’s one thing we can surmise: He is obviously not to be trusted.

Dr. Fauci referred to the economic shutdown as “inconvenient.” (Although the lack of convenience can’t be applied to him; this lifelong bureaucrat’s income has not been affected.) So, while he collects his paycheck, millions upon millions of Americans will suffer because of the “inconvenient” shutdown. The consequences of putting our economy on halt will be far worse and longer lasting than this virus.

Boris Johnson Hospital Stay

Boris Johnson: Return from the Abyss

The good news was just announced that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the mend and was released from the hospital after a seven-day stay, which included three days in the intensive care unit.

Upon leaving the hospital, he published a short video message, thanking (by name) a list of doctors and nurses who cared for him, citing them as “the reason in the end my body did start to get enough oxygen.”

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